Late in the twentieth century, five Chicago area musicians came together to see what their collective skills could create. With tape rolling, the wild improvisations that ensued were captured, spawning a five-song demo. After just two live performances, however, the band was derailed as its members were offered tours and collaborations with artists such as Brian Wilson, Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins, Fiona Apple and Liz Phair.

As time passed, the lure of what had been created drew the collective together again. While touring with other artists they began to send tracks back and forth, recording five more songs in the process.

Years later, the debut album of SHINY is released.

Scott Bennett - vocals, guitar and piano
Danny Shaffer - guitars and noises
Brett Simons - electric and acoustic bass
Jim Dinou - keyboards, effects and saxophone
Matt Walker - drums and loops

Unexpected chord changes and sonic swirls meld with beautiful melodies and soaring vocals. The propulsive rhythms of Walker and Simons and wildly interchangeable noises of Shaffer and Dinou can quickly evolve into heavy, slow motion moods. Since the music was not created in the classic songwriter method, the lyrical interpretation was wide open. Bennett pursues a conceptual approach, with each of the ten songs exploring a different vice.

Instead of listing their many influences, they will let the music speak for itself.

This isn't trend music. This isn't background music. This is SHINY.